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What Would The World Look Like If More People Dared…?

To start. Something worthy.

Or just something new.

Or just something.

To figure out how they can make a difference.

And commit to their Vision.

To ignore the fear.

Or to dance with it.

Or just accept it as a part of life. And take action anyway.

To realize that their imperfections really don’t matter.

To stop doing what’s not working.

Or do it despite all odds just because it feels right.

To say: “I am proud of you” and “I love you” every day. To themselves.

To take a break.

To let go.

To start over. And again.

To reinvent themselves.

To dream. Big. And then some more.

To take little steps and big leaps toward that dream.

To stop complaining.

And take responsibility. For everything.

To allow themselves to shine. Fully.

And take a nap when they need to.

What would the world look like?

Allow yourself to dare. And see what happens.

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