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Don’t Make This Mistake..

A lot of people make this mistake when they start working with The Law of Attraction. I made this mistake so many times myself. You set your goals, visualize and focus, but then when you return to the present moment you start feeling bad thinking: “Well my dream life is not here yet. I’ll feel good when it comes” or “I’ll feel good only when I am dreaming about it.” Huge mistake! The better you feel now, the happier you are, the more “make me feel happy” events you will attract in the future.

In the realities of the Universe there is no future or past, there is only NOW. You can remember the past or dream of the future but the only moment you have total control of is NOW. Only in the now do you have the power to create things. Commit to making now your best time ever. The better you feel in the Now the better future you are creating for yourself. Do whatever it takes to feel good now.

You create your future not only by thinking and dreaming about it, but most importantly by feeling like it is already here Now. Your feelings are the primary source of your communication with the Universe. If the Universe senses that you feel great now, it will align itself according to your feelings and bring you more events that make you feel good.

So feel great Now, feel grateful for everything you have already. Continue focusing on your dreams and your dream life will be here before you know it.

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