Hi! I moved to a new place. I would love for you to visit me there.

I am going on a special mission. I hope you come along.

I haven’t been updating my blog recently because I had an idea brewing in my head. A project I wanted to share but couldn’t figure out the right way to do it. A nagging thought that kept coming back over and over again.

An inspiration. A revelation in a way.

But I couldn’t get fully clear on what it was. And what I wanted do with it.

But let me give you a little preface first.

I think I said it many times already, but this is one of my favorite quotes of all times.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” –  Howard Thurman


What is alive? How to figure out what makes us feel alive?

How can we be more alive? Do more alive?

How would our lives change if we did?

I thought of how we don’t give alive a priority over other things on our to do list. How we are scared to give it a priority. How we allow autopilot to steer us away.

I thought of how we often don’t recognize it when it comes.

I thought of how I want to start paying close attention to my alive. And make it a priority over everything else.

Because I believe that it would change everything.

It would create a shift. It would help me get unstuck in places I couldn’t even see I was stuck. It would bring more love. More peace.

How can I do it? – I thought.

I need to be aware of all of the things that make me feel alive. I need to know exactly what those things are. All of them.

So I thought of starting to take pictures of when I get that special feeling. Then I thought of starting a journal. Then I thought of starting a challenge.

But it was all not very clear.

And then I had an insight.

We spent the weekend planning an outdoor playspace for the kids, browsing Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and going to Home Depot to get more ideas and inspiration. And we started our first real garden. Here are our sprouts.

My excitement might look silly to you, guys. But I am a city girl, I grew up in a small apartment, I never grew anything. So to say I am excited is an understatement. I am super excited my kids will have this experience.

I felt alive doing all that. But this time I closely observed this feeling. And since I was right in it, I was able to analyze it.

I was analyzing my aliveness. Sounds weird.

And I had an insight.

I realized that I didn’t fully understand before what alive meant.

I always thought it was a synonym for passion. And inspiration. And felling really good.

But now I figured the difference between feeling alive and simply feeling good or excited or passionate or inspired.

The difference is subtle sometimes. But it is there.

Alive is not necessarily about enjoyment. Even though enjoyment might be present. It is not about passion. Or excitement. Those are there but alive is something else too.

You might be inspired and passionate and feel good when you are shoe shopping, but it is not alive.

Alive is a special kind of high.

It is a weird mix of inspiration and urgency and love and pain sometimes.

Alive is more of a synonym to awake.

Alive doesn’t always feel good.

You need to know how to handle it. It easily turns into the source of frustration.  One day you feel good about it, next day you are burned out because you started expecting certain results from doing it and turned it into a chore.

Alive might also make you feel guilty. Like when you think you need to be doing something else instead of doing your alive. Or other people expect you to be doing something else. And, of course, you can’t fully enjoy it when you feel guilty.

Sometimes alive is scary. Because it involves taking risks, doing something outside of your comfort zone.

So alive is not all feel good, fly high kind of thing. Otherwise everyone would be doing it.

We give up. Because we don’t know how to handle alive. We don’t know that it needs special treatment.

So what can we do about it?

I am glad you asked. Because I decided to go on a mission.

Mission: Alive.

Starting tomorrow.

I hope you’ll come along.

The goal of the mission?

To find your alive. And learn how to keep it.

To figure out how to handle it so that it doesn’t turn into the source of frustration, fear, burnout. And so you don’t stop doing it.


Because once you figure it out you’ll be able to do more of your alive.  And inspire other people do more of their alive.

And then we’ll see people doing their alive everywhere we go. Just imagine that! Imagine how the world would change!

Or forget about the world. Let’s take care of ourselves first.

Think of how your life would change. Where would you get unstuck? Probably in many places.

I think it will change everything. I really do.

How we are going to do it, you ask?

I’ll be posting exercises here on the blog. And questions to ponder. And reminders. And share my experience and results along the way.

I’ll be doing it on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We’ll do it for 30 days. Because I think it’s worth it to work on your aliveness for 30 days at least. We’ll see how it goes after that.

Are you in?

Let’s figure out this whole alive thing together. So that we can do more of it. More often. With more awareness. And more gusto.

And more love.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

These two little people make me feel alive at the moment.

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katia April 23, 2012 at 1:49 pm

I am in!.. The truth is to stay “alive or awake” alone is not easy. We do tend to have moments of “awake” and then fall back into the routine sleep with eyes wide open…We do need each other, the people who want to stay awake, for the reminders, support and inspiration. Thank you for the post!


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