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How to Use The Law of Attraction

How to Use The Law of Attraction

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Law of Attraction. Some people say you attract what you think about, others say you attract what you feel, both of which are true but not completely.


So for those of you who still don’t quite understand how the Law of Attraction works and how you can use it to attract the thing you want into your life, I am going to explain everything in this post.


To start with basics, the Universe is a vibrational entity. Your thoughts and feelings are important only to the extent of the vibrations that they send out to the Universe.


You don’t attract what you think, you don’t attract what you feel. You attract what you signal or vibrate.


There are of course hundreds of different signals that you send throughout the day. Some of them might be positive ones; some of them might be negative ones. So how do you know what you will attract?  As a rule you will always attract what your predominant vibration is.


Exceptions to this general rule of course happen, and you probably experience those from time to time. Those are the spurts when your smaller vibration overrides your predominant vibration. It might happen when your smaller vibration is so strong that change happens, but if you don’t adopt that vibration and make it your predominant one, the change won’t last long.


A great example of that would be the lottery winners. The person who is vibrating the signal of lack and being broke might win a big sum of money in the lottery. He attracted wealth even though he is not predominantly vibrating wealth.  But if he doesn’t adopt the new vibration as his main one, he will soon become broke again.

That is why 90% of lottery winners end up in a much worse financial situation shortly after winning the lottery.


So how do you know what your predominant vibration is?


Look around yourself. Look at your life. Your life always represents your predominant vibration.


If you want to know what you vibrate in any given moment do this simple exercise. Quiet your thoughts and pay attention to the sensations in your chest and stomach area-the area between your throat and your lower stomach.


To make the distinction clear, think about the person you love more than anything in this world and think about something really really good happening to him/her. Do you feel the sensation? Most likely it is an opening feeling somewhere in your chest area.


Now think about something bad happening to them. Do you see the difference? The second sensation will most likely feel like a tightening in your stomach. That is how you can know what you vibrate in any given moment. Just be quiet and feel your sensations.


So now, how about your thoughts and feelings? Those are the ones that determine your signals or your vibrations.


It usually goes this way–thoughts->feelings->signals.


Certain thoughts will make different people feel differently and as a result vibrate differently. That is why saying that you attract what you think about is partially an incorrect statement.


One person will think about having lots of money and feel happy and signal positive money vibration and attract more money into his life. Another person when thinking about having lots of money will feel the anxiety, worry and doubt and as a result signal negative vibration and repel money from coming into his life.


So it is important to not only have positive thoughts but also the thoughts that make you feel good and as a result vibrate good signals. 


How can you voluntarily shift your predominant vibration?


Constantly monitoring your thoughts is a hard thing to do. It is a great long term strategy but for quicker results you can skip monitoring and changing your thoughts and go directly into changing your feelings and vibrations.


Visualization is a great way to do it. When you spend at least 20 minutes a day vividly visualizing your goals and actually feeling and believing in everything you are visualizing, eventually you will create a long lasting predominant shift in your vibrations. Being systematic and consistent is the key here. 


But what if you lack visualization skills and cannot visualize in detail your goals all the while evoking strong positive emotions and signals while you do it? 


You can learn to do it by practice or you can also check out this amazing visualization tool–Mind Movies. This will speed up the process for you tenfold and will bring the shift in your vibrations almost at once. 


Another great way to change your overall vibrations is to do the things that you love as often as you can, spending at least a couple hours a day doing what you enjoy.


When you engage in the activities that you love and enjoy you automatically start vibrating positive signals. The problem is that a lot of people spend most of their days doing what they should and skip what they actually enjoy.


Write out a list of activities that you really enjoy. What are your passions?  What makes you feel really really good? Most likely those are the things that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.


Do you enjoy reading? Start reading every day. Do you enjoy nature walks?  Walk every day. Playing with your child, going to the theatre, cooking, writing in a journal, listening to music… these are all simple activities, but a lot of us are running around every day trying to finish what needs to be done and totally ignoring what we enjoy.


Start spending at least 2 hours a day doing something you really enjoy and you will see a shift in your vibrations very very soon.


When that happens, you will start repelling all the things out of your life that are out of sync with your new vibration. And start attracting opportunities, events and people that will help you get to your dream life.


When you combine visualization or mind movies with doing the things that you really enjoy every day, the results will astonish you. You will literally become a magnet to opportunities.


After that the only thing you will have to do is to act on those opportunities. This is very important, but I stressed it already before in several posts of mine.


Without taking action on the opportunity you won’t get anywhere.


You shift your vibrations to attract the opportunity and then you act on it to receive what you want. That is all there is to the Law of Attraction.


The Law of Attraction and shifting your vibrations is not the only way to get what you want. But it is one of the most powerful ones. Try it, it works!


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