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Law of Attraction Questions and Answers.

law of attraction questions and answersFirst of all I wanted to thank all of my blog readers and newsletter subscribers who took their time and answered my survey.

I really appreciate it! That was a huge help and a big relief because your answers showed me that I am on the right track and that the study course I am putting together is needed.

A lot of you said that the main problem you have is the lack of practical knowledge and information on how to stay focused and maintain high positive vibrations on a daily basis.

That is exactly what I am trying to do with my course–practical tips, techniques and resources that work, keep you focused, positive and bring you results fast.

There were lots of questions that you asked me in the survey and I will make sure to address each and every question in my course and in my future blog posts.

Some of the questions I wanted to start answering now. Please don’t get upset if your question is not mentioned here. It would make for a very long post if I tried to address all the questions. 


Question: It’s hard not to be immobilized when so much change is required, so anything that could give me a daily kick start would be helpful, so when faced with negative thoughts etc, I could cling to the words of the day to keep me focused and strong in my conviction.

Answer: You can start writing out your own thoughts of the day. Every morning take 5 minutes while still in bed and think about your day, visualize what you would want it to be like, what are the main thoughts you would want to hold in your mind, then get up and write it down. Here you have your own thought of the day. I also highly recommend signing up for notes from the Universe at http://www.tut.com. I love getting their daily little reminders.  

Question: Why is it so easy to attract negative problems and so hard even with a good outlook for long periods of time, so hard to attract positive things?

Answer: Do you see that this is the belief of yours that you keep reinforcing? You believe that it is hard for you to attract positive things and easy to attract negative ones. The Universe aligns itself according to your belief.

You need to change the belief. How? Start by simply repeating to yourself–I attract positive experiences in my life easily and effortlessly. I will go over in more detail how you can get rid of your negative beliefs in my future videos and emails.

Question: Should I be doing it all: affirmations, visualization, vision board? Can I just pick one or two ways to manifest my desires?

Answer: Yes, you can definitely choose just one or two that works for you. No need to do it all and stress about it. Just choose what feels right and do it consistently. I highly recommend visualization. I am going to cover some advanced visualization techniques in my course too.

Question: Getting in alignment is difficult. Can you give some tips?

Answer: You are in alignment when you feel good.  Try this exercise-find something in your environment that you feel grateful for. It might be anything-your computer for example.

Think about that object, feel really grateful for having it, feel that high vibration,  then move on to another object.

Think of everything that you are grateful for in your life  throughout the day. Not only material things, but your health, your family, your friends, your experiences, for you yourself.

There is so much to be grateful for I bet! The more you feel grateful for all the good things you have already in your life the more you align yourself with all the other good things yet to come. Do it often, it works! I will share many more tips and techniques of getting in alignment later.

Question: It is difficult to keep my vibration positive and high, because we are surrounded with negative vibration.

Answer: See the previous answer. Also there are lots of other things you can do to keep your vibrations high. Do something that you love and truly enjoy every day.

Find something small, that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine like listening to your favorite music for example and do it every day. That should help raise your vibrations. Also try to avoid as much of the negativity as you can. Stop watching the news, violent TV shows, etc. All of that stuff doesn’t serve you in any way but putting your vibrations down.

Question: What does it mean “ask and forget all about it”? Isn´t it a contradiction?

Answer: No it is not a contradiction. When you ask and then let go, you pretty much show the Universe that you have faith, that you know with 100% certainty that what you want is yours already. You get yourself out of the way. Letting go is very important. I will show you some exact techniques on how to do it in my course.

Question: I would like to have a practical step-by-step guidebook written in relevant terms and using valid examples from people using it in today’s time.

Answer: That is exactly what I am working on.

Question: My first and important issue is how to clear my subconscious mind from negative programming from the past.

Answer: I am a big fan of EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique to help you get rid of your past negative experiences. I will be sending you a video on EFT soon.

Question: I have a lot of doubts about the Law of Attraction and The 11 Forgotten Laws. I really want to know more about these and why the Law of Attraction doesn´t work without these 11 laws.

Answer: I personally don’t think that you need all of the 11 laws to see changes for the better in your life. Even though I read Bob Proctor’s book 11 Forgotten Laws and think that it is excellent, I don’t think you truly need all of the 11 laws.

I do believe that there are a couple of laws that you need to use in addition to the Law of Attraction. Like the Law of Detachment. Learning to truly let go of your desires is a very important skill. You need to let go and get out of the way for your desires to manifest quickly and easily. I will cover other laws in detail in my course.


Those are just some of the questions I received. There were much more. Thank you once again for taking your time and helping me with the survey. I really really appreciate it.

P.S. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, please consider doing it now. Here is the link for you http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=ksXDmA_2fWehG4yOX4U7ulsQ_3d_3d


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