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Let go of your past relationships to manifest new…

There is one big mistake that I see many people make when trying to manifest new relationships and attract love into their life.

You can’t manifest new relationship until you completely let go of your old ones. Well, lots of people say: “I did let go of my old relationship completely, I forgave and I hold no bad feelings toward them.” Have you really? Whenever I start talking to them about their past relationships all I hear are hurt, resentment, and blame. You might forgive but if you still blame the person for what they did and still think that your past relationship is something that shouldn’t have happened to you, you didn’t let go completely.

When you let go there are two things that will happen:

First of all you need to understand that what happened to you in the past and the relationship you had in the past is exactly what you yourself attracted into your life. Either with your thoughts or feelings or actions or with some kind of subconscious beliefs you attracted that particular person into your life and manifested that particular relationship. May be you didn’t love yourself enough and when you don’t love yourself, there is a very slight chance anyone else can love you.  

Until you take the full responsibility for what happened in your past relationship, there is no way you can attract anything different into your life. Until you release from the victim mode there is no way you can change the pattern and get something better.

The second step is to completely forgive and accept your past relationship. Again, you do it by first realizing that you attracted that kind of relationship yourself either consciously or most likely subconsciously.

Another way to forgive is to find something that you can appreciate in that person and focus on that. You might say that there was nothing to appreciate there. I don’t believe you. There is always something you can find that you can appreciate even if it is some little thing. There is a saying “what you resist, persists”. It means that the more you hold on to all of your offenses, the more negative things you remember, the more of the same kind of relationship you attract back.

Remember what you focus on, manifests into your life. The more you focus on everything that went wrong in the past, the more you think how you don’t want that to happen again, the more likely it will happen again. Because that is where your focus is at. Switch your focus. Find something to appreciate about your past relationships.

Some of you might say: “Well, I am not going to do it. He/she is not doing it for me.” Remember you are not doing it for them. Who cares what their feelings are toward you? You are doing it for yourself. You change your focus, you let go, you forgive, you take full responsibility for your life and for whomever next you are going to attract into it.

Only this way can you manifest something new and better than what you had before.

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