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What are Your Passions?

It is so important to live your life with passion, yet so many people forget what it is like. Or worse, they never actually knew.  They live on autopilot, getting up every day, doing the same things over and over again. If you ask them why they are doing it, they don’t have an answer.

Life is supposed to be fun, life is supposed to be about dreaming and achieving those dreams. Life is meant to be lived with passion. What are your passions?  Do you know them? These are the first questions you should ask yourself.

How do you find your passions? It is easy. Simply think about things you enjoy doing the most, things that inspire you, things that when you do them time just flies by, things that don’t feel like work. List them. List at least 10 of those things. Now, out of these passions find your dreams and goals. What will it take you to actually live a life full of passions? What will you have to do, be and accomplish to live this way? How much money will you have to make? Where will you have to live? Who will you have to be with? How much free time must you have?

 Do you see it? Passions are not your goals; they are simply a way of living a lifestyle that you would enjoy the most. But in order to have that lifestyle you need to come up with certain goals and achieve them.

Always start with passions, and then come up with your goals. Now, all you have to do is to start taking consistent action with respect to how to achieve them. 

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