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On letting go. And failure. And gaining freedom.

This is day 15 of my 30-day writing challenge. I write every day to gain clarity. To rediscover my voice. To inspire. And bring value. I don’t edit so pardon my mistakes. Thanks for reading.

Letting go works. Just do what you can. The best you can. And let go.

When you are able to do it, you become unstoppable.

We like obsessing about stuff. Will it work? Or will it not? Can I do it? What will others say? That guy can do it better than me. Or maybe I shouldn’t? Or should I? And we go over and over in our heads thinking about what could go wrong or right and how we would love it go right but we are not sure.

Just do it. Do it already. And let go.

How do other people take action so easily? Do stuff that scares them. Stretches them. Makes them go outside of their comfort zone.  They make it look so easy.

Maybe it is easy for them. Or maybe they just decided to let go. Consciously. Maybe they just decided that worrying and over-analyzing won’t help them do things better. Or faster. So they let go.

Or maybe they don’t care. Maybe they truly don’t care about the result. And just enjoy the process.

I don’t know. But I see those doers all the time. They just take action. And make things happen. It looks easy for them.

But is it really?

I know that there are people who know me who think I am one of those people. That I don’t care. That I just do. That I just make things happen. That I don’t have much fear.

And I know many people who I look at and think…

Wow. I wish I could learn one day to be like that. I wish I could learn to be that brave. And that determined. I wish I could learn to just go confidently in the direction of my dreams and let go of everything else.

Everyone has fears. Everyone has doubts. But some decide to act despite them. And some just can’t let go. Because they see failure. And worry about failure. And don’t realize that by not doing anything they are failing too. Failing even more.

What is the answer?

Letting go is the answer. Accepting failure is the answer. You can’t let go if you don’t accept.

When you accept the fact that you might fail you gain freedom. To act and just enjoy the process. To go confidently in the direction of your dreams. And not care about anything else.

Can you accept? Can you let go?

It is almost 11.56 pm here so if I don’t publish this post right now, my promise to write every day will be broken. But I know I am going to publish it. And let go.

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