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clarity on what I want and my week’s moments I want to remember

I reflect every Saturday on my wants. Little everyday kind of wants. Because when you get clear on little stuff, big stuff gets clearer as well. I also reflect on my week’s favorite moments. Because I want to remember.

What I want today.

– I want to spend more time in nature. I want to make it a point to go away from the man-made world at least twice a week and be with nature. I can literally feel a huge wave of “Oh, God, I so needed this” coming from my whole being when I do that. My mind relaxes and I realize that I was starving without realizing it.

– I want to change the tagline for this site. And About page. And what I do here. I am gaining so much clarity with this writing every day thing. I’ll wait until the end of my writing challenge to gain more clarity on it though.

– I want to record stories. Our stories. Everyday moments. In photos. Because I want to remember. I do that already, of course, but I want to start doing it more diligently. Every day.

– I want all walls in my house painted white. And bright pieces of handmade art to be displayed all over the place.

What do you want today?

My favorite moments.

– I surprised Nicholas and picked him up from school 3 hours earlier for a mommy-son date. We went to the bookstore and read Berenstain Bears stories which are our favorites these days. And went to Mellow Mushroom and ordered their gluten free pizza for our unhealthy treat of the week.

The pizza was not the greatest, but we talked and enjoyed each other’s company.

He asked me what I want to be when I grow up. And I said that I want to be myself. Then we talked about how important it is to listen to your heart and how you will know what you want to be if you pay attention to what you like and what makes you feel good. We talked about what he likes. Making stuff without having to follow the instructions. My boy is not the Lego kind of boy or color inside the lines kind of boy.  I felt good after having this conversation. And I thought to myself how I really want to become the kind of parent that knows how to help her children stay in touch with their true selves. I don’t want to raise sleepwalkers. I really need to figure this whole conscious parenting thing out.

– We went to the Farmers Market today. And then to the lake. Where we built sand castles and collected stones and sea shells.  And I thought to myself: You don’t need toys when you have nature.

– We had a really warm day last Thursday so we stretched a blanket in the backyard and enjoyed the sun. We read books with the baby. She loves looking at pictures and touching the pages. I love little baby feet and hands.

– We talked with Keith how we need to make our Saturdays a sacred day and be really careful about what activities we schedule. It should be a day of just enjoying our family with big breakfasts and spending time in nature and playing games or doing little art projects or doing nothing but together. Just us. When we drove from the lake today, I heard Keith quietly say to himself – Sacred Saturday. I felt love.

– I told my mom that she did something right raising me when we talked on Skype. I saw her face all brighten up and she started smiling more and talking more cheerfully.

– We picked out wild flowers on the side of the road with Nicholas on the way from the park one day. It was our little adventure as it involved parking the car on the curb of the road, having other cars beep at us etc. It was a small road and we were very careful.

– Watching The Hangover with Keith Friday night. It felt good to let go of everything and be unproductive and just watch a mindless funny movie.

– Baby with an apple. She is very serious when it comes to eating. And I love to watch her discover the new world of food. I love how when she is done with the apple, she just extends her hand and deliberately and slowly drops it on the floor. Ok, apple,  bye-bye.

What are your this week’s favorite moments?



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Irina February 27, 2012 at 5:31 pm

To your 1st want:
Join me on the green way one day – maybe in the morning with baby stroller or afternoon with kids on bikes (as alternative to park option some times) – I am sure you will love it!!! :)))


Lana Kravtsova February 28, 2012 at 2:50 am

I am sure, I will:)


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