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Start Now

“If you really want to change your life, start immediately.” Osho

Maybe you could turn off your computer right now and then consciously  choose what you are going to do online. Instead of mindlessly clicking from one website to another. And after you made that conscious choice, start your computer again.

Or maybe you could write down three goals for this months. Just three. But actually write them down.

Or maybe you could commit to creating value and taking action. Every day.  And meditate on it and really make yourself believe that you are serious this time and there is no turning back.

Or maybe you could go and kiss your husband. And tell him how much you appreciate him. .

Or maybe you could question some of your beliefs about yourself. Think you are a bad writer? Commit to writing every day and see what happens.

Or maybe you could change something in your environment. Because it shapes you. Do it right now. Throw away something that you don’t like in your home. Hide the posts on Facebook from people you don’t want to associate with anymore. Put your best clothes on even if you don’t plan on going out today.

Or maybe you could start a gratitude journal. And write 3 things every day that you loved about that day.

Right now. Change something. Small. Or big. Symbolic. Or real.

Just do it right now. To start the shift.


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J.D. Meier March 4, 2012 at 6:28 pm

One of my favorite insights here is what Tony Robbins calls “The Scrooge Pattern.”

He reminds us that change can happen overnight, if the motivation is strong enough.


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