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Why You Should Seek Self Improvement and Why Law of Attraction is Not Enough to Live Your Life to Your Full Potential

seek self improvementI listened to some of your comments and changed the blog’s headline. In the beginning I intended this blog to be only about the Law of Attraction. But as time went by I started touching on more and more topics that are beyond the Law of Attraction, so I am adding the self improvement element.

Self-improvement is such a broad term, we can pretty much put any topic into this category. The way I understand it is that self-improvement is a continuous search for a better way of thinking, acting and living in all areas of your life.

I believe that mastering and understanding the Law of Attraction is not enough to live your life to your full potential. The Law of Attraction simply states that whatever you broadcast out to the Universe, comes back to you. 

If your feelings and emotions broadcast positive energies, you attract positive events and experiences into your life. If you broadcast negative energies, you get negative experiences. Whatever energy your thoughts and feelings broadcast out to the Universe, that is what you get back.

That is all there basically is to the Law of Attraction. And it is a lot, but not enough to live your life to its fullest potential. This can only take place when you add such things as forgiveness, courage, integrity, sense of responsibility, and kindness. And when you get rid of procrastination and laziness.

Also, when you understand the Law of Cause and Effect, and the Law of Allowing, can you start living your life to its fullest potential. And all of those things are beyond the scope of the Law of Attraction.

I believe that self improvement is hard work. It is a continuous process, a way of living. Living each day more consciously, with more awareness, with the courage to face and solve the problems that are holding you back from your success in life. Courage to look deep inside yourself, find your dreams and believe in your ability to reach them. Courage to take action despite of fear. Courage to continue when something doesn’t work out the first time around…

A lot of people that begin the path of self improvement expect some quick fixes. Something that will change their life around overnight. They soon find out that quick fixes and dramatic overnight changes are unlikely to happen and they give up.

Don’t give up!  Understand that it took you a lifetime to live, think and act the way you did.  They say it takes about 30 days to break a habit. And that is only if you are doing something consistently and systematically every day. So give yourself at least a month to see some changes.

Chances are that even after a month your life won’t change completely, but you will see enough positive changes to be motivated to continue further.

Another pattern I see is that a lot of times when people become more aware of their thoughts, feelings and actions they start beating themselves up for having negative thoughts, for being afraid, for procrastinating. Again, remember, changes are very unlikely to happen overnight.

Also remember, what you focus on you get more of. Don’t beat yourself up, focus on positive changes instead. Give yourself some time to adjust to a new way of thinking.

It takes time and work to take full control of your mind, to develop new habits, to change your old way of thinking and acting. But you are on the right path, and you should be proud of yourself that you started. 

Yes, it would be so great if you came to this path long time ago and already lived the life of your dreams, but you can’t do it yesterday. You of course can do it tomorrow but you will be one more day behind.

Today is the best time to start! After all Now is all there is..

Start living with more awareness, courage and trust today. Commit today that you will stay on the path of self improvement and won’t turn back. Your dream life will be here before you know it.  


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